It recently hit me that I only have approximately three months until baby boy’s arrival. Since then, I’ve been scouring the internet in an effort to figure out what I actually need. “What I actually need” seems to be a great point of contention. One person will say an item is crucial, and the next will say that same item is a foolish bit of marketing designed to flummox unsuspecting first time parents.

But we’ll figure it out…hopefully. So far we’ve gotten a few things, but there is certainly still work to be done. After surviving my glucose test on Friday, my next stop was Chick-fil-A to get something to eat.

Once I had satisfied my hunger, I decided to treat myself by looking at cute baby clothes in Old Navy. They had a lot of baby items on clearance, but most of them were either obviously feminine or Christmas themed. I don’t want to put a boy in something frilly, and I feel like I can’t really make an accurate prediction regarding his size next Christmas.

Even so, I came across a few good finds.

2016-01-16 11.31.47 HDR

The wearable blanket was marked down to $5.99. Several sources seemed to think wearable blankets were a good idea, and the ones I’d seen online typically go for about $20. I was quite excited!

The pants were tagged as being $2.99. Neutral colored pants seemed like a good idea. I’ve been shying away from newborn sized clothing because I was born too big for that, but these were 0-3 months.

Finally, I thought the little button up shirt would be adorable for church. It was priced at $2.47.

When I got to the check out, I was told that I would be getting an additional 30% off the marked prices. Awesome! I thought. Then the cashier told me that the button up shirt was mislabeled. After the 30% discount, it was actually only 68 cents!

My total was $7.33, and I think baby boy will look just darling in his new clothes.


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