It’s starting to feel like spring here, which means time for spring cleaning. I’m also 38 weeks pregnant, and I’ve been nesting as much as possible. The combination of these two circumstances means I have been in major decluttering mode for the last few weeks.

When should I declutter?

My answer to this is simple: If I feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in my home, then I have too much stuff. A home is supposed to be a place of peace, not a place of stress. Having less stuff makes me less stressed. Less stuff means less cleaning and less maintenance.

Due to a variety of circumstances, my husband and I had to choose an apartment in a brand new city in about two hours. We didn’t originally plan to get a 2 bedroom apartment, but that was what was available. We decided that the second bedroom would be our “stuff room.”

For an embarrassingly long amount of time, the so-called “stuff room” was the dumping ground for everything that we didn’t want to declutter. We both had boxes that we’d packed up before we left for college and hadn’t touched since.We started college in 2011 and 2012!

The impending arrival of our little boy got us motivated to clean through our boxes. After a 3 day weekend and multiple trips to Goodwill, the stuff room is now the baby’s room.

I knitted the blue alphabet blanket. We can’t paint in our apartment, but hanging the blanket adds a splash of color.

We also have pictures hanging on the walls now! I always think a home looks more finished once there are pictures on the walls.

When to Declutter

Decluttering has had so many benefits. This morning my grandmother called and asked if it would work for her to visit this evening and tomorrow morning. Since I’ve been decluttering for the last couple of weeks, I was able to have my house in a state where I could have visitors in less than an hour. I love having that freedom!

I also feel ready for my little boy to arrive. I know that even if the house falls apart for a while after he is born, the major projects are done. Even if all we can do is keep up with the kitchen and laundry, we should be in pretty good shape.

Do you find freedom in having less stuff?


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