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I went dairy free when my son was 12 days old so I could continue to nurse him. At first, finding recipes without dairy was a daunting task. Everything has milk! No butter on my bread! How would I live without cheese? 😉 Eventually, I found my groove and we ate numerous delicious dinners. I also figured out some substitutions. We used a lot of coconut products.

Tigger is 9 months old now, and appears to have finally outgrown his dairy sensitivity (yay!). Over the course of my 8ish months of being dairy free, we tried numerous recipes. This list includes some of my favorites.

Dairy Free Dinners:

1. Peachy Crockpot Chicken – Briana Thomas (Super easy, super good!)

2. Sweet n Sour Chicken – Mrs. Criddle’s Kitchen

3. Rice and Beans – Briana Thomas (Good option when you need a budget friendly meal.)

4. Paprika Chicken – A Home with Purpose (This one takes some adapting to make it dairy free. I use coconut oil instead of butter and a can of coconut milk instead of the Greek yogurt/sour cream. Coconut milk from a carton doesn’t have the right texture.)

5. Paleo Chicken Salad with Dates and Walnuts – Paleo Running Momma

6. The Perfect Basic Burger – All Recipes

7. Healthy Sweet Potato Fries – Raining Hot Coupons

8. Grilled Lemon Pepper Tilapia – Eating on a Dime (I make this on my George Foreman Grill.)

9. Slow Cooker Chicken Fajitas – Cooking Classy

10. Sun-Dried Tomato Creamy Chicken – My Natural Family

11. Paleo/Whole 30 Chicken Tenders – Jay’s Baking Me Crazy (Not budget friendly, but fun for an occasional “treat” meal.)

12. Easy Mexican Chicken Quinoa Casserole – Pinch of Yum (I just leave off the cheese.)

13. Black Bean Soup – Money Saving Mom

14. Easy Lasagna – Mama Shire

15. Red Bell Pepper Chicken Salad – Mrs. Criddle’s Kitchen

I previously did a round up of dairy free breakfast recipes, which you can find here.

I hope you enjoy trying some of these recipes. Dairy free can still be delicious!

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