what is a homemaker

I stumbled into homemaking.

You may have imagined me as a teenager who looked forward to domestic life. I actually dropped home economics in favor of taking AP Psychology in 12th grade. I didn’t cook at all until after I graduated from college.

Before I got married, I was rather intense. I went to nationals in debate, wrote for a debate sourcebook, interned in DC, and graduated summa cum laude from college.

While I intended to work until my husband and I had children, we quickly discovered that we would be having children a bit sooner than expected. Additionally, we moved frequently for my husband’s job.

So my type-A self became not only a stay at home mom, but a stay at home wife for several months before my son was born.

Major life change.

That first pregnancy was rough, and I was only functional about half of the time. During the other half, I was too sick to do much of anything.

When I was functioning, I would work on learning how to manage my home. I learned how to cook from scratch, how to coupon, and how to have a cleaning routine. I knitted items for my baby on the way. I volunteered with Awana.

It was radically different from the fast-paced lifestyle I’d lived in college. Once I no longer had the external validation of grades and a paycheck, I realized that I had found my worth in those things to a degree that was unhealthy.

As I settled into my new life as a mom, I started writing. My blog is called Homemaking for His Glory…

…but homemaking isn’t really the point. Serving Jesus wherever you are is the point.

Your value is not in what you do, but in Whose you are. God can be glorified as you clean a double wide just as much as He can be glorified during a hearing on Capitol Hill.

Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God. – 1 Corinthians 10:31 KJV

I don’t believe that it’s wrong for women to work or go to college. I worked before I was married, I still make small amounts of money from this blog, and I am generally pro-college.

Perhaps you are home full time with young children, like I am. Maybe you’re in school, or working, or even both. You might be single. Ladies from all of those categories are homemakers.

Even if you don’t stay home full time or have children, you most likely do some homemaking tasks.

Laundry. Cooking. Vacuuming. Helping kids with homework. Organizing. Hosting friends for dinner.

Nearly all adult women do some of these things, whether they’re married or not. Sometimes we look at these things as lesser or boring, but they need to be done. We all have to eat, and we all have to wear clean clothes. (Okay, maybe that last one is just a strong suggestion. 😉

Dream of doing great things for God, but don’t neglect serving Him in the small things either.

Because that’s really what the Christian life is all about: doing ALL things to the best of our ability…for His glory.

7 comments on “What is a Homemaker, Anyway?”

  1. Our paths sound a lot alike! I was a high achiever in school and pre-med in college. I got married my sophomore year of college and had my daughter 5 months after I graduated. I thought I’d continue on in school or the workforce.
    I had to learn everything since I never had an interest in it before!
    Changing my mindset on validation has been hard!

  2. “Your value is not in what you do, but in Whose you are.” I needed to hear that today. Such a bea utiful post. 🙂 it is hard to look at our life as a homemaker and see worth. Especially since the world is so vocal about it not being so. But we work unto the Lord. This was a good reminder.

    • I loved that,too. It really restored my soul today. I was feeling really unjustified in the home because finances became tight this last pay period, and I just felt like it’s my fault because I don’t contribute with a paycheck.

      I just was so low, and really reflected on how much a tangible paycheck can make you feel validated as a person. And it shouldn’t,it shouldn’t at all. Your identity is in Christ.

      I love being a homemaker, it was like when I stepped into that,I knew the search was over,this was where I belonged. That’s where my gifts really shine. But,I’ve received so much backlash for it. And I didn’t really care,but since this rough patch, they really are flooding back to me.

      A woman I knew when I was younger,told me flat out it’s a waste of my life,and this wasn’t even homemaking in general,it was stay at home mothering. Or I remember when I stopped working outside the home,and my sister-in-law asked about my career and I told her I was a homemaker,and it’s my dream,she apologized to me for being one. x___x
      I don’t know why the world looks down on it, I’ve never worked so hard in my life as I do now. And depending on people around you,it can be a very thankless experience sometimes,but the things a homemaker does,full or part time, are a necessity.

  3. “Dream of doing great things for God, but don’t neglect serving Him in the small things either.” SUCH a good reminder! It is so easy to think that the little things are mundane and unimportant, especially in a society that highly values working outside of the home. It’s a good reminder that no matter your career path or status, the little things are still important and necessary.

  4. As a SAHM homeschooler of 7 kids and 16 years, I can say this absolutely will become truer every passing year. The amazing thing is how much people love our kids and love to be in our crazy loud and generally messy Home. If I’d had any clue that our home would be a place people loved to be, and how much people would enjoy and appreciate our kids, it probably wouldn’t have been so hard for me when I had 4 kids under 5 years old! But God knew what He was doing and what was best for me, and I am truly blessed by this life, exhausting as it can be. I get to pray, hug and kiss 6 precious souls every morning and night who call me mom. #7 arrives in July😍
    Btw, brand new subscriber, love your blog!!!

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