Today I’m welcoming guest poster Brittany to Homemaking for His Glory! She is a wife and mother with some great tips to share on frugal living.

grocery shopping on a budget

Hey homemaker, momma, friend! Are you tired of busting your budget beyond belief at the grocery store? Are you tired of clipping coupon after coupon and never seeming to make any progress?

Been there, done that

If I have learned anything in these four years of budgeting and frugal living, it’s that the easiest area to overspend on is groceries.

So, let’s talk about this!

My family eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner from home for almost every meal. We usually eat lunch and dinner with family on Sundays, and then we budget for one meal eaten out every two weeks. So in total we eat on average 32 meals at home every two weeks.

Our grocery budget is $95 for food each two week period.

**Disclosure: We DO NOT purchase beef or pork at the store, we send locally raised animals to the butcher. Our last bill for a whole pig was $195 – which we thought was a stellar deal for an entire freezer full of meat that will last us almost a year!

How is this possible you ask? Lots of practice and discipline!

#1 Meal Plan

This is the most important aspect of grocery budgeting. I notice when I do not have a meal plan, I overspend by buying a ton of unnecessary food. Now, when I say meal plan, I do not mean you have to know what you are having every day. I like a little more flexibility than that! (But if you want to do it that way, you go girl!)

Side note from Laura: You can get a 28 Day Meal Plan for FREE by subscribing to Homemaking for His Glory. Just use the nifty little box below.

I meal plan by trying to figure out what types of things we want that pay period, finding healthy recipes and writing down the name and ingredients necessary. I then check over my list and compare it to what we already have in the pantry! I do this with 4 recipes and a variety of sides a week, and then add in what we all want for breakfast and lunches. Ta-Da! You have a meal plan!

#2 Price Check

After coming up with my grocery list I will go to my Walmart grocery app and check the price of my list (I do not actually buy at Walmart). I always know my list is going to cost less than the app says, however I have a better idea of if we have a little room for some special treats, or if we need to readjust.

#3 Shop At A Discount Store

My store is Aldi, however I have heard a lot of people have a Kroger’s or Costco. I know that I can go to Aldi and spend on average 2/3 or less of what I would spend on my groceries at Walmart. I get everything I can there, and then I will usually shop at Walmart for toiletries.

#4 Buy Generic

When you can, buy generic. I am not picky about brands except for with soda. It’s okay to have your ‘thing’ that you want brand name. However, pick a few things that you have to have name brand, and compromise on the rest. Your budget will thank you later.

#5 Don’t Forget Snacks

With a 15 month old, we frequently have snacks on hand – it’s the mom code, right? We have to be diligent about including these in our grocery lists, this way we know what we are after and do not just start grabbing snacks that he might like.

#6 DIY

If you have the ability to have a small garden, bake your own bread, or harvest your own meat, do it! It will save your grocery budget in the long run.

#7 Stock AS NEEDED

There are obvious things we have to keep on hand at all times. We keep condiments stocked, as well as baking supplies. We do this by adding them to our grocery list as we run out of them.

#8 All In One Trip

The more trips we make to the store, the more likely we are to buy unnecessary stuff. I like to do my shopping all in one fell swoop and not go back to the store unless I absolutely have to. One way we combat multiple trips is by buying fruit (like pineapple) that has to be cut up in order to be eaten, or by buying frozen veggies.

#9 Remember… It’s God’s Money

If your friend gave you $25 and a list to get groceries for her, would you overspend? Or grab unnecessary items? Of course not! Remember as you are shopping that ALL things belong to God! Are we being good stewards of His money? This is a humbling thought to remember. We are so blessed with the opportunity to be able to afford groceries for our families, lets remember to give God the glory in ALL things! Even at our local Aldi!

These are all tips we have found to be extremely helpful in keeping our grocery budget low and in control without buying in bulk or cutting coupons. What tips do you have for keeping your grocery budget low? What do you think is hardest aspect about being a frugal homemaker in this way? Tell us in the comments!

Brittany is a stay at home mom to a 15 month old little man and a wife to her husband of 3 years. She spends her days working on developing their small family homestead, spending time in the Word, gardening, and soaking up all the joys of toddlerhood. She is passionate about helping mothers create lasting legacies, simplistic lifestyles, and navigating the struggles of everyday life with God’s guidance and love.

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